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A Letter from the Peoples Mayor Kirsten Alexander

Kirsten Alexander

1 hr

The info in the flyer circulating currently about debt doubling is not true at all – debt in 09/10 was $18.6m and in 13/14 is $29.5m. Of this, $19m of the debt is due to the WPTW project which was committed to by the previous council (not something I could influence, although I do support capture and reuse of stormwater). Without this project our debt would have been $10.5m, actually halved! The debt in 09/10 did not include the WPTW debt as the Commonwealth and state funding was used first and we have only recently had to access borrowings to pay for this commitment. So yes, debt has been contained. I made sure that the $70m WPTW project did not suffer a cost blowout by carefully scrutinising it every month and ensuring that council had visibility of progress too.


If you receive letters about a double in debt from the Mayor, don’t believe it….anti hoon drivers they say they will stop??? How??? Truly independent they say, although they may not be a member of the party, is a member of the party helping them? We know you are smart people out there and you will be able to read between the lines. We will not tolerate the bad behaviour and lies, will you?


Are you wondering who is your best option to vote for? Well we can help you, straight off of the Mayors flyer
Mayor – Kirsten Alexander
Hindmarsh – Arman Abrahimzedah and Monika Belosevic
Woodville – Robert Grant and Leni Brown
Woodville West – Kelly Thomas and Ned Pajcin
Findon – Joe Ienco and Gianna Vorrasi
Beverley – Mick Harley OAM and Jo McKenna
Grange – Raelene Hanley and Rebecca Galdies
Henley – Charlie-Helen Robinson and Rehka Indrasamay
Semaphore Park – Juliann Andirani and Stuart Ghent


Please be aware of envelopes addressed to you hand delivered to your letterbox! These are not self funded and run campaigns!

DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE, it seems they get their material from the same source !!!

Flyer William Lehman

Re naming of St Clair Reserve to St Clair War Memorial

****here are the minutes from the council meeting 22/9/14 with the motion that was carried to re name St Clair Reserve St Clair War Memorial Park. The same old people vote against it everytime****
A Notice of Motion has been received from Councillor Grant in regards to the St
Clair Reserve.
1. That Council acknowledge the petition tabled in State Parliament in 2013
asking for recognition of St Clair Reserve as a War Memorial Park signed by
over 3000 citizens.
2. That Council writes to the Premier Jay Weatherill and Planning Minister
John Rau asking them to halt the plans to sell and develop the Renewal
South Australia Land and to meet with the Mayor and Community
Representatives including the peak ex‐service body The Returned and
Services League.
3. That, following the local government election, Council consults with the
Community over the renaming of all recreational space in the area
bounded by the Railway Line, Woodville Road, Brocas Avenue and Actil
Avenue from St Clair Reserve to St Clair War Memorial Park.
Moved Councillor Grant,
At 9:54 pm Councillor Randall left the meeting.
At 9:54 pm Councillor Randall resumed his seat.
That Councillor Grant be granted additional 5 minutes to conclude his debate.
Moved Councillor Harley, Seconded Councillor Fitzpatrick Carried
City of Charles Sturt 17. CL Minutes 22/09/14
[Note: These minutes are unconfirmed until 13 October 2014]
Point of Order
Mayor Alexander called a Point of Order requesting that Councillor Randall remain quiet
while Councillor Grant was concluding his debate. Mayor Alexander ruled in favour of the
Point of Order and asked Council Members to remain quiet.
Point of Order
Councillor Nguyen called a Point of Order enquiring about Councillor Keneally’s
whereabouts. Mayor Alexander ruled against the Point of Order.
Seconded Councillor Andriani
At 10:16 pm Councillors Grant, Randall and Nguyen left the meeting.
At 10:17 pm Councillor Randall resumed his seat.
At 10:17 pm Councillor Grant resumed his seat.
Point of Order
Mayor Alexander called a Point of Order against Councillor Grant stating that she did not ask
him a question. Mayor Alexander ruled in favour of the Point of Order.
Formal Motion
That the motion be put.
Moved Councillor Wasylenko, Seconded Councillor Auricht Carried
The motion to Item 7.23 was lost.
Councillor Grant called for a Division.
Those voting in the affirmative were:
Councillors Andriani, Ghent, Hanley, Grant, Ienco and Harley (6).
Those voting in the negative were:
Councillors Scheffler, Fitzpatrick, Randall, Wasylenko, Alexandrides and Auricht (6).
The motion to item 7.23 was tied. Mayor Alexander had the casting vote and voted
in the affirmative and the item was carried.

Upcoming Elections

Great to see some lifelong St Clair supporters nominating and renominating for council. Make sure you support the following people and we will add more as we find out more about them.
re elect Mayor Kirsten Alexander
re elect Mick Harley Beverley Ward
re elect Robert Grant Woodville Ward
re elect Stuart Ghent West lakes Ward
elect Leni Brown (current chairperson SCRRA) Woodville Ward
elect Kelly Thomas (current treasurer SCRRA) West Woodville Ward
elect Carlo Meschino long time supporter SCRRA
keep your eyes peeled for more names that should be supported


Here are a list of Councillors that have never done anything to try to save St Clair Park. They have voted for the St Clair landswap everytime. These are past and present Councillors. If you see their names on a ballot paper please number them last!
Chris Wallis aka Chris Morris past councillor
Tolley Wasylenko current Woodville West Councillor
Paul Sykes past Councillor
Gerard Ferrao past Councillor
Anna Rau past Councillor
Angela Keneally current Woodville West Councillor
Brian Massey past Charles Sturt Councillor but current TTG Councillor
Raphaelo Angelino past Councillor
Carmela Luscri past Councillor
John Pinto past Councillor
Jim Fitzpatrick current Henley Councillor
Tom Scheffler current Grange Councillor
Edgar Aguis current Beverley Councillor and works in John Raus office
Paul Alexandrides current Hindmarsh Councillor
Craig Auricht current Hindmarsh Councillor
Oanh Nguyen current Woodville Councillor
Robert Randall current Henley Councillor

Please do not support any of these councillors. Read the Ombudsman’s report for further information


The council elections are fast approaching, we are hearing of some great, strong, independent candidates for council and we will be bringing you names and hopefully profiles as we can get hold of them. Please keep checking back here as this website will be fully functional again!

Michael Atkinson’s Street Corner Meetings 8/2/14

***Michael Atkinson’s Street corner meeting times for tomorrow (just in case anyone may not have got a letter)
9:45am cnr Marborough and Windsor Ave Woodville Park and
11:15am entrance to Whitefriars Primary School on Beaufort Street Woodville Park, it seems there are only 2 times and locations, (usually there are 3 times and locations) he must be cutting back because no one turns up????