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Here are a list of Councillors that have never done anything to try to save St Clair Park. They have voted for the St Clair landswap everytime. These are past and present Councillors. If you see their names on a ballot paper please number them last!
Chris Wallis aka Chris Morris past councillor
Tolley Wasylenko current Woodville West Councillor
Paul Sykes past Councillor
Gerard Ferrao past Councillor
Anna Rau past Councillor
Angela Keneally current Woodville West Councillor
Brian Massey past Charles Sturt Councillor but current TTG Councillor
Raphaelo Angelino past Councillor
Carmela Luscri past Councillor
John Pinto past Councillor
Jim Fitzpatrick current Henley Councillor
Tom Scheffler current Grange Councillor
Edgar Aguis current Beverley Councillor and works in John Raus office
Paul Alexandrides current Hindmarsh Councillor
Craig Auricht current Hindmarsh Councillor
Oanh Nguyen current Woodville Councillor
Robert Randall current Henley Councillor

Please do not support any of these councillors. Read the Ombudsman’s report for further information


The council elections are fast approaching, we are hearing of some great, strong, independent candidates for council and we will be bringing you names and hopefully profiles as we can get hold of them. Please keep checking back here as this website will be fully functional again!

Michael Atkinson’s Street Corner Meetings 8/2/14

***Michael Atkinson’s Street corner meeting times for tomorrow (just in case anyone may not have got a letter)
9:45am cnr Marborough and Windsor Ave Woodville Park and
11:15am entrance to Whitefriars Primary School on Beaufort Street Woodville Park, it seems there are only 2 times and locations, (usually there are 3 times and locations) he must be cutting back because no one turns up????

Please be careful who you vote for next election

Tolley Wasylenko